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Check and improve your management systems

With trained and IRCA (International Registrer of Certificated Auditors) staff, Déclic works on behalf of several certification bodies by performing external audits in French and English.
Déclic also carries out internal audits of your management systems in order to improve your performance as well as audits of your external service providers in order to control your entire subcontracting chain.


Expert counsel tailored to your business

With Déclic, the management of your certification or accreditation project is managed jointly with your teams in order to allow you to take ownership of the system. To support you, we divide our interventions into several phases:


Develop your skills in QSE areas

With a trainer with a passion for the practice of theater, Déclic offers training courses animated with good humor and specially adapted to your needs.

Déclic also gives QSE courses at schools and universities (IEQT Marseille / Toulon, University Aix-Marseille).
Registered as a training company under N ° 93131871513 with the PACA region authorities (France).

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